Remote Controls for TV & Home Theater System

Remote controls are important home theater system accessories. You will be familiar with general types of remote controls. Below, we share the most common remote control examples.

Common Singapore Remote Controls:

  • Standard remote controls
    • Device specific
      • Hi-Fi x 1 remote control
      • DVD player x 1 remote control
      • Cable set-top box x 1 remote control
      • TV x 1 remote control
      • the list goes on….
  • Brand-based remote controls
    • Works with multiple devices from same manufacturer
  • Multi-function remote controls (AKA Universal remote controls)
    • Invest in a slightly more expensive learning remote
    • May have complicated universal remote control set up

Multi-function remote controls

We can set up a multi-function remote control to run your entire Singapore home theater system remotely. At Singapore TV Repair Pro’s, we can design a cool home theater operated simply with a touch! Setting up a universal remote control can be confusing, especially when you’re not familiar with coding and the user interface.

Plus! Request for a Singapore multi-function remote control. Use your pre-designed multi-functional remote control from your recliner and enjoy your home theater like a boss. Control your whole home audio/video installation with a click of a few buttons on your customized remote control.

universal remote controls Singapore

Smart Automation

For just a few hundred dollars more, you can trust Singapore TV Repair Pro’s as the best home theater installers to do an automation package! In our past home automation service projects, we have put together X-10 systems with lighting control system installation to control lights (theater-style), activate drape motors, multi-room audio controls and much more.

Choose a smart remote control, and leave the rest to Singapore TV Repair Pro’s to integrated your home theater. Make your home a smart home with fully controlled home automation services.

Read past reviews of Singapore TV remote controls here.

TV remote control Singapore

Have Seniors At Home?

TV provides news and entertainment to the elderly, relieving boredom and alleviating feelings of isolation. Transform your home theater system to be accessible and user-friendly for seniors. Make it easy for your elderly parents to turn on the TV, even with a sophisticated home theater system.

It may be more beneficial to opt for a straightforward remote control for seniors. Read this post on the best TV remotes for seniors in Singapore.

Call (+65) 81219685 to find out how we can customize your multi-function remote control to be user friendly for seniors. We share our expertise for home theater design and remote controls in Singapore, suited for seniors.

Singapore TV Repair Pro’s integrate single control systems into various whole-house schemes that you can conveniently access from your home’s portable or in-wall touchscreens, or by using your Smartphone or iPad.